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Dear Colleagues from UniSIM

Welcome to the new face of TLC’s e-Post. This blog site is the evolutionary progression of TLC’s e-posts and is the virtual community space for associates and faculty members to discuss teaching and learning anytime, anywhere.

TLC has been sending out monthly e-posts by emails since January 2011 and we have had 18 issues so far. These posts are also made available at the TLC’s website:

TLC’s e-Posts are typically summaries/syntheses of relevant articles on teaching and learning practices. The key objectives of the e-Posts has been to communicate with Associate Faculty regularly

1. To build a communal relationship with associates and support associates in teaching at UniSIM.

2. To inform Associate Faculty on current practices/trends in teaching and learning so as to engage them pedagogically

According to the Associate Satisfaction Survey held in March 2012, 77% of the respondents (N = 245) felt that the e-posts are relevant and useful. And we have received very encouraging comments. Thanks for all the suggestions and positive comments.

While it is heartening to hear the e-posts are well-received, one concern is that the e-Posts are rather didactic. Although there was an effort to set up a poll in one of the e-Posts, email as a conduit for the e-post has limited functions. The communication tends to be mainly one way.

I had hoped in an earlier post of one post per associate. Rethinking this, perhaps an alternative way in building the teaching and learning community is to set up a constructive and collaborative environment. Hence, the birth of this blog site. The objectives of the blog posts are:

(1) To  support associates in teaching and learning at UniSIM, and

(2) To engage associates and build a community of practitioners so that we can learn together as well as  from each other on teaching and learning practices.

There are several advantages to the blog site: The blog site will provide opportunities for a lot more mutual exchanges which will allow us to learn from each other. We can include  multi-media materials. We can have comments from readers and posts from guest-bloggers.  We can add on a blog roll of your blogs and there can be more interconnections. So I am very excited and hopeful that this will bring us closer together.

I am fairly new to blogging and I am learning on the go. Will appreciate tips and tricks from you on how to enhance and improve the blog, be it on the content or the design.

So look forward to your engagement. Let us get the blog going :-).

With warm regards

Nachamma Sockalingam

(Editor, TLC’s blog post)


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