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This is the TLC UniSIM blog: the virtual community space for associates and faculty members to share ideas on teaching and learning. This blog is edited by Dr. Abdel Halim Sykes, Lecturer, Teaching and Learning Centre, SIM University, Singapore.

Learner Autonomy in Open and Flexible Learning: the Facilitator’s Role

Dr Abdel Halim Sykes, Teaching and Learning Centre, SIM University Learner autonomy appears to be an essential factor of success in open and flexible learning. It is, therefore, necessary for facilitators to understand and promote learner autonomy to empower learners … Continue reading

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Facilitating Collaboration in Open and Flexible Learning

Dr Abdel Halim Sykes, Teaching and Learning Centre, SIM University Open and flexible learning is a burgeoning force in education around the world, which is having profound effects on the role and responsibilities of teachers and learners. Teachers are increasingly … Continue reading

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Considering Learner Diversity in Blended Learning Contexts

Dr Abdel Halim Sykes, Teaching and Learning Centre, SIM University The purpose of flexible and open learning is to cater to learners from diverse backgrounds with diverse learning needs; and this is especially true for blended learning contexts. For this … Continue reading

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Reflections on Videoconferencing as a Teaching Tool

Contributed by Guan Chong, School of Business, SIM University In recent years, institutions around the world have observed rapid growth in the use of computer-assisted learning materials, communications technology and enhanced delivery systems (Sun et al., 2008).  In January 2013, … Continue reading

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My Online Instructor Experience: Connecting and Communicating with Students

Contributed by Dr. Nachamma Sockalingam, Lecturer, TLC Recently, I had the opportunity to facilitate an online discussion forum for one of UniSIM’s Core course called “Thinking Critically”. At the end of the course, I invited my students from three seminar … Continue reading

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It is not how we teach but how students learn that matters

Contributed by Mr. Fong Woon Yim, Associate Faculty (School of Business) Early Oct 2012, I was invited to a fellow associate’s class to observe how to engage students in group work. Till then, I had followed the lesson plan religiously i.e. … Continue reading

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Four tips for teaching blended courses

Contributed by: Ms. Elham Arabi – Learning and Development Specialist, ETP Blended learning, a student-centered instructional approach which combines face-to-face and online activities, is becoming increasingly popular. A well-designed blended course, grounded in sound pedagogical theories can offer students flexibility and opportunities … Continue reading

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Four tips for effective and engaging on-camera presentations

Contributed by Dr. Nachamma Sockalingam, Lecturer, TLC (The content for this post is from a workshop run by Ms. Maura Fogarty, Fogarty Communications) Recently, TLC organized a workshop on “Delivering effective and engaging on-camera presentations” (on 23 March 2013). This … Continue reading

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Five ways to engage students in online discussion

Contributed by Ms. Elham Arabi, Learning Development Specialist, ETP The success of an e-course depends greatly on how actively engaged students are with their instructors, classmates, the content, and course management tools. Discussion boards are one of those tools that … Continue reading

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To be or not to be: Learner centered?

The increasing number of online courses offered by universities across the globe is setting the pace for the others to adopt (or be left out). According to a recent publication by Babson Research Group, 70% of universities in the United … Continue reading

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