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Wish you a wonderful year ahead in 2013.The blog post theme for 2013 is Online Teaching. 

So I decided to start with a video, experiment with the tools available to me and share my experience. 

Instructors could prepare a self-introductory video in a similar manner to  share with their students prior to the first lesson. 

While videos can be uploaded to Blackboard directly, there is a size limitation. Since media files tend to be large, providing a hyperlink  through Blackboard or UniSIM email would be better. 

Do take note that the audience may experience slow streaming if several  users are attempting to view at the same time (this mode is meant for asynchronous view).

Here is the YouTube version of my video.

I used my Macbook Pro and started with the Photo Booth but realized that the audio is out-of-sync. You can check this out here:

So then I attempted the iMovie. The sound quality was much better.

This being my first attempt, it took me close to 1 hour for the one minute of recording :-). And the Vimeo upload took 30 minutes.

I thought I was done. But good thing that  I decided to check out the blog on my mobile . And I realized that Vimeo videos do not play on Android. 

So then I attempted YouTube and it turned out to be a better choice :-). The upload took just a couple of minutes. And it plays on my Android.. as well as iPhone.

While it is probably easier not to attempt these tools as they seem to take up much time, I believe that this  will get better with practice and experimentation.This also highlights the need to share and learn together.

It should be remembered that there are multiple tools and variety of approaches. The right choice of tools depends on needs/purposes,  and available resources.

The key thing is to experiment and enjoy the learning process.

So here are the steps 

1) You may want to write out a script if you want to video-record.

2) Find a place that is suitable. Self-record using your laptop/Mac

3) Your final video file should be in  the format required by YouTube:

  • .MPEG43GPP  MOV files –
  • .WMV
  • .FLV

 4) You need to sign up with YouTube to upload files 

5) Upload files, set the privacy settings

6) Test 

7) Share the link


Contributed by 

Dr. Nachamma Sockalingam, TLC



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