Sharing by our Teaching Excellent Award Winner 2012 in FLD 2012

In the second session of the FLD, UniSIM’s Teaching Excellent Award Winner Mr. Peh Wee Leng shared with us his reflections on his teaching practices for engaging students . I have classified the pointers he mentioned under three groups. The first is at a personal level. In other words, it is connecting with the inner self. The second is connecting with the students. The third is connecting the students with the content/materials/resources.


  • Enjoy teaching
  • Work on being interested in students rather than being interesting
  • Invest in students’ lives
  • Have the right motivation/intention


  • Empathize with students/adult learners and appreciate students’ efforts
  • Get review/feedback from students on your teaching – you do not have to wait till the end of the semester
  • Speak the same language as the students


  • Prepare well: Preparation is absolutely essential
  • Present well: Presentation skills are also crucial for teaching

Good teaching is onefourth preparation and three-fourths theater ~ Gail Godwin

  • Simplify and make the lessons relevant. For instance, use articles/cases from newspapers, videos from movies ( If it is under Fair use)
  • Utilize relevant controversial topics  to hook the students’ interest
  • Use humor to break the ice / liven up the class

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